2018 Championship Show Results & Critiques


” It was a great privilege and honour to be judging the Bulldog mother club and the oldest canine society in the world.

I remember my first time showing at this club and it still has the wow factor.

I would like to thank the exhibitors for the 134 dogs entered making 140 entries.

My thanks go to the hard working committee and especially the exhibitors who made the journey to the show in heavy snow and difficult weather, I hope they all arrived safely home.

Since my last judging appointment, I can see the improvement in the health of our beloved bulldogs, but we cannot let our guard down. We do need to work on the eyes and the tails.”

James Mortham


1-MPDMPD 8(3)

1 Miss S Macdonald “Danckomac Indiana Bones” – Red and white of standard size. Nicely balanced pleasing head with fine wrinkle. Dark round eyes, thin ears with correct placement. Good front, wide under jaw , in very good condition, moved well.

2 Mr and Mrs R Ironmonger “Burchell Mr Bohannon at Britanic” – Brindle and white, appealing puppy, very dark eyes clear from any problems. Straight forearms with neat feet, short body in very good condition, handled and moved very well.

3 Mr and Mrs L Martin “Calibra Hamilton”

2-PDPuppy dog 10(6)

1-Lockwood-Brown and Curtin “Shiloh Rumpold” – Fawn and white, good size head with flat skull, very dark eyes, set well apart, good dentition and turn up of jaw. Thick arched neck leading to a good top line with strong well angulated hind quarters good bone and in tip top condition. Moved very well.

2-Mrs and Mr A Takarangi “Ruakuri Hikurangi” – Red and white very pleasing male handled very well, in good condition, good head and confirmation, pleasing top line with short body, moved extremely well.

3-Mr and Mrs L Martin “Mellowmood Morganite Calibra”

3-JDJunior dog 4(2)

1-Mrs V Bater “Beaubull’s Murphy’s Law” – Red and white puppy, good shaped head with fully pigmented eyes, nicely set back nose with open nostrils. Correct shoulder placement with straight front bone, well angulated hind quarters. Pleasing coat , handled very well and moved well.

2-T Dymond “Avaword Lenny” – Red and white, flat skull with good width between the ears, wide jaw, good texture of coat.

4-YDYearling 6(2)

1-Mrs and Mr R Eaton “ Ricatrori Redesigned” – White and red ,outstanding in this class. Standard size dog with brick shaped head, broad flat skull, neat rose ears, dark round eyes with black well set nose, open nostrils. True under jaw, square front with straight bone to neat feet. Good top line leading to pleasing hind quarters. Free mover RCCD.

2-Mrs S Papworth “ Terralynda I Get Around Leximus” – Red and white , very appealing male, good round head with beautiful dark eyes, good distance between the ears, pleasing jaw, well boned body, strong neck, spring of rib cage, moved very well.

3-Ms S Lamont “ Laroyal Moves Like Jagger”

5-MDMaiden dog 2(1)

1-Mr and Mrs Saxon “ Bagibeli Billy Ray” – Red and white stood alone in his class but worthy winner. Standard size dog, nice clean head, flat skull, neat rose ears, dark round eyes, good jaw. Pleasing expression, moved very well and in good condition. Handled very well.


Novice dog 4(2)

1-Mrs T Phillips “ Rokoluck Mr Cracker “ – Beautiful red and white of standard size, pleasing head, flat skull with nice fine wrinkle, fine rose ears, dark round eyes, good width and length of foreface , true under jaw, stand off expression. Strong straight bone to neat round feet. Large rib cage, handled and moved very well.

2-Mr R Haines “Justafiabull Tristana” – Red and white larger than 1st, well boned with pleasing head, very dark clear eyes, wide open nostrils, good set of ears, in very good condition, moved and handled well.

7-PGDPostgraduate dog 8(6)

1-Mrs V Bater “ Beaubull’s Murphy’s Law”

2-Mr and Mrs R Hill “ Britishpride Colossus Of Taranisbull” – Dark red and white, heavier than 1st, good size head. with correct top line, round feet and well off for bone with large rib cage, moved ok.


Limit dog 11(5)

1-Mr P Seal “ Shiloh Sebastion Sealaville “ – Fawn and white in very good condition. Very pleasing head, wide jaw with good turn up, dark well pigmented eyes, good bone, strong front legs with round neat feet, short body, thick neck with correct top line. Moved ok and handled very well.

2-Mrs S Sibbick “Nobozz Adonis Of Treasurabull “ – Flashy red, beautiful dog, stood so well it caught my eye whereever I was in the ring. Standard size with pleasing head, dark round eyes clear from any problems, thin rose ears. Strong arched neck, lovely top line rising to light strong hind quarters and correct tail set. Moved well and walked his width. Credit to his handler / owner (I loved this dog).

3-Mr and Mrs D Rodgers “ O Lar Do Bulldog Lowrider Of Belushi “

9-ODOpen dog 12(5)

1-Mr Dominguez Lavado Maximo “ GBZ/SP/PT CH.Destiny De Graso “ – Red and white outstanding in his class, well balanced with strength and power. Strong head with broad, flat skull, well defined furrow, clear dark eyes, open nostrils, true wide jaw, wide chest, well boned, beautiful front with feet well knuckled up, short body with good top line very strong hind quarters, pleasing rear angulation, in excellent condition. Moved his width and handled very well BIS Dog CC.

2-Ms Guizzo “ Happy and Glorious Harris “ – Dark red and white quality dog. Pleasing head, good width of jaw, dark eyes, compact well put together, in excellent condition with beautiful coat, handled very well by Mr L Marangon.

3-Mr and Mrs D Rodgers “Taybull Doc Martin Of Belushi “.

11-MPBMinor Puppy Bitch 13(8)

1-Miss S Lamont “ Laroyal Lead By Example “ – Feminine six month old with very bright future. Fawn and white of quality, nicely balanced head and body, open nostrils, very dark round clear eyes, rose ears, good turn up of jaw, short body and good set of tail, very good mover, in good condition, handled very well, she was obviously enjoying her special day.

2-Mr T Vaughan “ Odinschild Violet Princess “ – Red and white a quality bitch, strong head with lots to be admired, large nose, dark eyes, finely wrinkled face, well placed shoulders, strong front, beautiful tail, well angulated hind quarters, moved very well.

3-Mr and Mrs L Martin “ Calibra Belle Monte “

12-PBPuppy bitch 13(5)

1-Mr A Vickers “Sealaville She’s Kenzy At Aìdabullyz “ – Fawn and white outstanding in this class. Standard size, very pleasing head and body, good head with flat skull, clear dark black eyes, light rose ears, true wide and up swept jaw, large straight teeth, arched neck with moderate length. Correct top line, strong, well angulated hind quarters, good bone throughout, stood her width, moved freely and walked her width, it was my pleasure to go over such a quality young bitch . CC, Res BIS,BOS,BP .

2-Ms M Guizzo  “ Smackerjacks Heaven Sent “- Dark red and white, in very good condition, standard bitch of quality, large head and excellent turn up of jaw, stood with determination, you could not ignore her presence in the ring. Good bone and moved very well, shown to perfection By Mr L Marangon.

3-Miss S Hanley “ Ruakuri Making Sweet Memories “.

13-JBJunior bitch 10(2)

1-T Dymond “Avaword Isabelle “ – White and red bitch with lots to be admired. Good head, flat skull, light and well placed set of ears, dark eyes clear from any problems, good mouth, muscular shoulders, straight front legs, walked beautifully in very good condition.

2-Ms P Freeman “ Rosco’s Moondance By Em Testwood JW” – Red and white well balanced bitch, head finely wrinkled, defined furrow, dark eyes, wide under jaw, good width of chest, well placed shoulders, moved very well.

3-Mr S and Mrs Flatt “ Meljane Kashmir At Belstock “.

14-YBYearling 7(3)

1-Mr and Mrs Takarangi “Ruakuri Diamonds In The Sky “ – White and red , a standard weight and well balanced bitch. Good head, rose ears, fine wrinkles, well spaced dark eyes, laid back nose with open nostrils, good width of jaw, square front with thick bone, nice body shape, moved and handled well.

2-Mrs A Shirtcĺiffe “ Britishrose Priceless Zygarsea “ – White and red , nice bitch with good head, flat skull with good distance between the ears, nice width and turn of under jaw, good front with straight bone to neat feet. good reach of neck, nice top line, good hind quarters and moved ok.

3-Mrs G Weller “ Baalzebul Constance For Geenawell 15-MB

Maiden bitch 2(0)

1-Miss S Lamont “ Laroyal Lead By Example “.

2-T Dymond “ Avaword Isabelle “.16-NB

Novice bitch 3(2)

1-Mr and Mrs L Martin “ Calibra Goldilocks “ – Stood alone but worthy winner. Red and white of standard size, good flat skull, rose ears set well apart, very clear dark eyes, fully pigmented nose, well let down brisket, correct turn of shoulders, strong arched neck, good length and spring of rib cage, good and well angulated hind quarters, moved freely around the ring.


Postgraduate bitch 9(6)

1-Mr and Mrs L Martin “ Calibra Pretty Woman “ – Red and white with very good expression, very dark clear eyes with moderate size head , thick arched neck, strong hind quarters, well off for bone, walked very well a worthy winner.

2-Mr and Mrs Harding “ Wilsonpride Rosy Apple “ – Red and white a quality, well balanced bitch, correct weight, perfectly balanced head with wide flat skull, finely wrinkled, thin rose ears good jaw and teeth, excellent pigmentation., good front and top line moved very well.

3-Mr and Mrs Burnby “ Odinschild Warrior Queen at Burncraft”

18-LBLimit bitch 5(2)

1-Miss S Hanley “ Ragmarte Lilly Pad As Blenhiemstar “ – Red and white, standard size , lovely head, wide flat skull, good fine wrinkles. fine rose ears correctly placed at top outer corners of skull, good layback, black nose with open nostrils, strong foreface, with good width and turn of under jaw. Stood square at the front very strong hindquarters with excellent angulation, moved beautifully, handled very well.

2-Miss A George “ Avaword Connie” – Another quality bitch, lovely head with wide flat skull, face finely wrinkled, light rose ears , super dark eyes, open nostrils, jaw is wide  and upswept. Strong neck and shoulders, excellent hind quarters, moved, very well in tip top condition. Handled very well.

3-Mrs M Morris “ Cutie Mcpretty At Ragmarte “. 19-OB

Open bitch 10(6)

1-Mr and Mrs Saxon “ Ch.Bagibeli Queen Of Hearts “ – Red and white of standard size. The head is good with very dark eyes, the skull is flat with correct ears, pleasing jaw, good reach of neck leading to correct top line, the hind quarters are strong with good angulation. Moved ok and shown very well. She Is a worthy champion.

2-Miss S Hanley  “Ch Sgribble Pip As Blenhiemstar “  – Red and white with impressive head and expression, flat skull with very fine wrinkles, defined furrow, fine rose ears, wide and true under jaw. Arched neck, well sprung rib cage, super boned throughout, very good wide front, moved exceptionally well .Another worthy champion.

3-Mr and Mrs L Martin “ Ch. Calibra Clementine JW “.