2017 Championship Show Critiques

The Bulldog Club Incorporated Championship Show March 4th 2017
Judge Mr David Bruton McHale (Kelloe Bulldogs)



“It was a great honour and privilege to judge this most prestigious show of the oldest Bulldog Club in the world. My connection with this club goes back many years serving as a committee member. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the President, Mr Brian Taylor, and his hard working team for making my day both enjoyable and well organised.

I have been a Bulldog judge since the mid 1970s and have seen many changes over the years, mostly positive- health, movement and breathing being at the forefront.

I would like to thank all exhibitors who showed under me and accepted my Judgement in a pleasant and sportsman like way.  My general opinion is that we are definitely going in the right direction.  I was happy with the general health of the dogs and did not experience any breathing difficulties in the dogs on show. I was particularly happy with the clear eyes, open nostrils and overall movement. My only criticism would be that the tails were slightly shorter, toplines,  backends and stifles were  slightly straighter than the last time I judged in the UK.

I would like to congratulate the exhibitors for the beautiful condition of all the dogs and on behalf of the dogs I would like to thank the handlers who scrubbed up pretty well themselves!”

My principle winners were-   BlS & BCC Saxon, Mr A & Mrs S,  Bagibeli Queen of Hearts. Junior bitch – she certainly stole this old queen’s heart! Eye catching from every angle, caught my eye on entering the ring and lived up to my expectations when going over the classic bulldog head. Intelligent with a real stand-off expression … beautiful square front and strong arch of neck … perfect barrel of rib and hind quarters. She moved around the ring like she owned it and she did it for me today. It was my pleasure to award her the BCC & BIS – making her an English champion.

DCC & RBIS Dominguez Lavado, Mr M, GBZ CH Destiny De Oro Graso. Open dog . Absolutely stunning, everything I’m looking for in a male … masculine without being overdone… head with correct length of skull, good width of foreface and a beautiful turn of underjaw giving him Majestic good looks.  He also has a super front and bone, a great barrel of rib and wonderful clean lines- moves well, standard size and handled to perfection.  He has a great future ahead of him.

RBCC Davis and Bishoprick, Mr K & Mrs D, Wembholt White Rose Mystyle. Junior bitch. This was déjà vu for me seeing  these two beautiful young ladies in this class, it took me back to my famous sisters who were very different in type but both had great virtues. This young lady with her dark eyes, wonderful pigmentation and beautiful turn of under jaw portrayed the expression I love. She is feminine from all angles, curvaceous where she should be and would not let me go anywhere else with the RCC.

RDCC & BPIS Davis, Mr N, Milasha No Retreat Ocobo – A new star who will wait for no one. He pushed very hard for the CC… wonderful head. Perfect expression and front. Great bone and arch of neck and correct topline down to the neat hind quarters, this young man is very well put together. I knew the movement I was about to see was going to be perfection, this classic young dog is a credit to the breeder and owner and I will follow his career with great interest.


MPD 12 entries – 1 absent

(1) Eaton, Mr R and Mrs V, Ricatori Redesigned. Correct standard size, great length of skull, good turn of underjaw and deep dark eyes. This youngster has a lovely sour expression, good bone and super brisket. He has a short back and moved well

(2) Coffey, Mr C & Mrs S H, Mollrue What it Takes. Very similar to the winner of this class, they will change places many times. Beautiful head and expression, super bone and front and very confident for such a youngster

(3) Takarangi, Mr A & Mrs K, Ruakuri Chasing Great

PD 8 entries, 3 absentees

(1) Davis, Mr N, Milasha No Retreat Ocobo. See above

(2) Rawbotham, Mr C, Temptabull Georgio. What a stunning youngster. He is as white as you can be with wonderful black pigmentation. He was unlucky to come up against my winner today as he is going to take longer to mature to his full potential but when he does he will go to the top

(3) Bannister, Mr A & Mrs C L, Andlare Ell Fire

JD 9 entries, 2 absentees.

(1) Manders, Mr P & Mrs C, Erimusbulls Manion. So mature for his age – a flashy red and white shown in mint condition. He was compact and pure quality with no glaring faults – one that I’ll be looking out for in the future

(2) Simoncsik, Miss R, Kupakos Ethan. R/W powerful young male great length & width of skull darkest of pigmentation super bone and front   good spring of rib nice topline neat hindquarters moved well

(3) Davies, Mr N C,  Neibull The Governor

YD 9 entries, 2 absentees.

(1) Lee,Mr & Mrs, Ch Milasha Preacher Man Mystyle, R/W standard size ,beautiful to go over just oozes quality, great head and expression super front straight bone compact body neat hindquarters moved well

(2) Taggart, Mr J, Dempsey Judas, F/W powerhouse oouzing bone & substance different type to first but pushed him hard for his place so many things we are loosing in our breed he has got in abundance…moved and showed well

(3) Smith, Mrs J & Mr P, Jiruka’s Max Verstappen Saintrosemil

MD 1 entry 

(1) Lane, Mrs A & Mr J, Kerkade Playtime At Anjefan …B/W  standard size good length of skull nice turn of underjaw straight bone needs a little more width in front, short compact body moved well

N/D 3 entries 1 absentee 

(1) Davies, Mr & Mrs P W, Kerkade Showtime With Kismond F/B/W standard size nice head good pigmentation dark eyes needs a little more shoulder but still a youngster so hopefully this will come with maturity

(2) Ross, Mr A, Britishicon That Tickles..D/B/W. similar to first standard size pleasing head and exspression in immaculate condition would have liked more shoulder moved freely

PGD 9 entries 4 absenties.

(1) Parker, Mrs C. & Mr S, Albionpride A Kind Of Magic. F/ W…powerhouse of a male great head and exspression wonderful length and width of skull beautiful turn of underjaw well bodied up and moved super I considered him in my ticket winners

(2) Marangon, Mr L, Happy & Glorious Harris. A real show man and his dog beautiful rich red great head wonderful dark pigmentation was unlucky to come up against first as the both had some outstanding qualities moved and showed to perfection

(3) Taylor, Mr & Mrs M,  Hillplace Captain Hook

LD 13 entries 3 absenties 

(1) Marangon, Mr L,  Happy & Glorious Harris. See above

(2) Allen, Mrs P, Wolfram Rockefeller. Rich red and white with wonderful turn & width of underjaw good length of skull & super pigmentation standard size compact body neat hindquarters

(3) Winter, Mr S, Silobull Keep Calm N Carry On

OD 9 entries 4 absenties 

(1) Dominguez Lavado , Mr M,  Destiny De  Oro Graso. See above

(2) Eaton, Mr R & Mrs V, Ch. Ricatori Roman King. Fantastic head with the most fabulous sweep of underjaw giving that real standoff exspression. Good bone and front strong arch of neck moved and handled to perfection a very worthy champion

(3) Goodwin, Mrs M, Britishpride Spectre

VD/B 3 entries 2 absenties 

(1) Handley, Mrs L, CH Haddaway Charmed…this lady of a certain age Charmed me once before and Charmed me again today .i awarded her RCC as a youngster and I could remember why a credit to her owner breeder for showing her in such super condition went round the ring to rapturous applause

MPB 9 entries 1 absent 

(1) Martin, Mr R & Mrs L, Calibra Goldilocks R/W a real powerhouse caught my eye coming into the ring good length of skull and terrific width of foreface one of the best turn of underjaws shown today she pushed hard for the RCC… great future ahead of her

(2) Hanley, Miss S E, Ragmarte Middle Earth Blenhiemstar R/W beautiful standard size lovely head and expression good bone and front correct topline compact body neat hindquarters showed and moved well

(3) Rudd, Ms K, Myeisha Lady Destiny

PB 9 entries 2 absenties 

(1) Stubberfield, Mr B, Unstopabull Trouble White with wonderful pigmentation and dark eyes feminine from every angle lovely brick shaped skull with terrific turn of underjaw good straight bone nice tight feet compact body moved and showed well

(2) Hill, Mr T & Mrs R, Lady Medusa Of Taranisbull. R/W standard size good head with lots of detail dark eyes super pigmentation  good straight bone compact body neat hindquarters moved well

(3) Dearlove, Mr J & Mrs S, Margobull Miss Dior Cherie For Ryjarlow

JB 8 entries 1 absent 

(1) Saxon, Mr A T & Mrs S L, Bagibeli Queen Of Hearts, see above

(2) Davis & Bishoprick, Mr K & Mrs D, Wembholt White Rose Mystyle,  see above

(3) Hanley, Miss S E, Redworc Pretty Perfect As Blenhiemstar

YB 10 entries 4 absenties 

(1) Mcmunn & Griffiths, Mr & Mrs & Miss C, Goodbull Rita Ora R/ W powerful female super head and expression great front and bone wonderful spring of rib shown in tip top condition moved and showed well stood out in this strong class

(2) Davies, Mr S M, Baalzebul Kerry Gem W/ R standard size sweet feminine head and expression good bone and front compact body correct topline neat hindquarters moved and showed well

(3) Morris, Mrs M, Cutie Mcpretty At Ragmarte

MB 6 entries 1 absent 

(1) Davis, Mrs L & Mr D, Kentixen Half Crown, F/W good length of skull super sweep of underjaw dark eyes good pigmentation correct front & bone nice spring of rib moved well

(2) Davies, Mr S M, Baalzebul Aphrodites Love R/W small compact feminine girl with lovely head and a sweet expression good barrel of rib neat hindquarters moved well

(3) Smith, Mrs J & Mr P, Nobozz Storm

NB 8 entries 3 absenties 

(1) Davis & Bishoprick, Mr K & Mrs D, Mystyle So Scrumptious white lovely & feminine with a super head great turn of underjaw dark eyes and super pigmentation good bone compact body moved and showed well

(2) Manders, Mr P & Mrs C, Erimubulls Rita Hayworth W/R strong headed female great length of skull super exspression good turn of underjaw shown in immaculate condition a credit to this kennel

(3) Dalprà, Mr F, Bull And Grapes Dazzling Chick

PG 10 entries 2 absenties 

(1) Martin, Mr R & Mrs L A, Calibra Clementine W/R strong powerful female with one of the widest  underjaws of the day great head and expression super bone and front massive barrel of rib another super one from this kennel

(2) Hanley, Miss SE, Ragmarte Lilly Pad As Blenhiemstar R/W…standard size lovely head and expression dark eyes and good pigmentation super turn of underjaw correct bone and front great  spring of rib moved and showed well

(3) Handley, Mrs L, Haddaway Amazing Grace

LB 9 entries 5 absenties 

(1) Davies, Mr & Mrs P W, Shiloh Disco Dancer Kismond , B/W super strong head  with a good turn of underjaw great pigmentation super bone and front good barrel of rib moved and showed well

(2) Winter, Mr S, Silobull Chase The Dream W/R feminine with the sweetest of expressions good length and width of skull super turn of underjaw correct front nice deep brisket moved and showed well

(3) Weller, Mrs G, Rokoluck Dolly Rocker For Geenawell

OB 10 entries 2 absenties 

(1) Hanley, Miss S E , Ch. Sgribble Pip As Blenhiemstar R/W a powerhouse of a female wonderful head and expression great length and width of foreface real standoff look super bone and front she reminded me of females from the eighties a very worthy Champion

(2) Liddle, Mrs C, Britishrose Pure Gold W/R …it tells you in the name ( Pure Gold ) beautiful feminine female with the sweetest of expressions fabulous turn of underjaw natural front compact body moved and showed to perfection another worthy champion

(3) Bentley, Mrs A, Triarder That’s It That’s All