Bulldog Of the Year

The Bulldog Of the Year is the most prestigious events in the Bulldog calendar, attracting visitors  and exhibitors from near and far. The committee of the Bulldog Club Incorporated welcomes you!

All owners of bulldogs who have won a Challenge Certificate in the previous 12 months are invited for their dog to participate in this prestigious event.

Three championship judges are appointed to judge each dog individually. No consultation between the judges takes place. Each judge marks their placing on a card. Points are awarded for each placing. The first four places are announced:
Bulldog Of The Year/Reserve Bulldog Of The Year/Bulldog Of The Year Reserve Bitch/Bulldog Of The Year Best Opposite Sex.

The dog awarded the title of ‘Bulldog Of The Year’ will be featured on the front cover of The Bulldog magazine which is circulated world wide to fully paid up members.

A portrait of the Bulldog Of The Year title holder will also be placed in The Bulldog Club Incorporated album, joining the gallery of past Bulldog Of The Year title holders and becomes part of the prestigious history of The Bulldog Club Incorporated Bulldog Of The Year gallery.

On the day each dog that takes part in the Bulldog Of The Year show will be given a commemorative plate and rosette. This will be awarded only to those taking part on the day and must present themselves on the day prior to taking part.

It goes without saying that each and every dog invited to participate are all worth contenders and without the commitment and support of the owners this event would not be possible.

The Bulldog Club Incorporated would to extend our appreciation to all of you whether you are an exhibitor, supporter or coming for a fun day out with the family !

The Bulldog Of The Year show is reported in the canine papers and is also professionally captured on DVD which is available to purchase within 3 days of the show at a cost of £17 for mainland UK buyers – overseas postage will be extra.

Previous years shows are also available to order – why not collect the complete set now and look back on the history of previous Bulldog Of The Year title holders – a must have for every bulldog enthusiast !