The Bulldog Club Incorporated

The Club was established to promote the breeding of pure Bulldogs of the true type, and to urge the adoption of such type upon breeders, judges, committees, and promoters of canine exhibitions.

To publish and promote the true pure Bulldogs by means of a standard description of its correct appearance and the various characteristics points in detail of a perfectly – formed Bulldog, for uniform adoption as the sole standard of excellence, and for the guidance of breeders and of judges in awarding prizes and distinctions of merit at dog shows or other canine competitions.

To promote information on canine subjects by means of lectures, discussions, the editing of a journal, books, periodicals, correspondence, drawings or otherwise.

To promote, hold, or arrange either independently or in connection with other persons, exhibitions,  dog shows and matches, with the object of encouraging the breeding and propagation of the true English Bulldog.

The Bulldog Club Incorporated is the oldest breed club in the world and as such, is the “Mother” of all other clubs. Since its inception the club has justified its existence by its service to the breed in many ways.

The club holds a Championship show in March of each year which attracts huge entries and many overseas visitors. In 1975 it held its Centenary show which was judged by the late president of the club, Mrs Marjorie Barnard, probably the most well known and knowledgeable lady in the breed in her era. She is perhaps most remembered for the Achievements of her bitch “Champion Noways Chuckles” being the only bulldog to date to take the honour of best in show at Crufts.

In November the “Bulldog of the Year” show takes place to which every C.C. winner of the previous 12 months is invited to take part. This is the only place one can see all the top winners taking part in the show together, and this is the one title all serious exhibitors want to win. As well as many overseas visitors and exhibitors, who return year after year, judges and exhibitors from other breeds also attend in great numbers.